Assure Pak is one of the North America's fastest growing distributors of plastic packaging with its USA headquarters in New Jersey. We are a distributor of plastic disposables covering many aspects of the value chain and cater to the needs of supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants and retailers. By overseeing the entire production platform, this allows us to closely control quality of our products and processes, introduce innovations, discover synergies and new operating methods, and optimize time and costs. For our non core products, we have developed strategic alliances and relationships with plastic manufacturers around the world. All of our manufacturers are carefully vetted to ensure consistent quality and competitive pricing. 


Latest Technology

Assure Pak specializes in the design, die-cutting and manufacturing of plastic packaging utilizing high quality plastic for durability and strength for importers, distributors, wholesalers, food co-ops, agricultural industry, supermarkets, convenience stores, food restaurants and other providers across North America. We manufacture at our state of the art plants internationally, giving you the flexibility demanded in today's busy world. We guarantee our packaging will meet even the most precise standards. Whether you are a new or existing business, you'll find our prices, quality and service exceptional!


Our Mission

Our mission is to offer our customers an exceptional quality and best selection of products with the fastest service in the plastics manufacturing industry. We believe good service is worrying about the details so our customers have a peace of mind.  We like to treat our customers as long-term partners, by exceeding their expectations and delivering every order with paramount accuracy.


Why are Assure Pak's prices so competitive?

We distribute our packaging utilizing the most advanced and efficient technology available. Our manufacturing partner's state of the art high output machines allow them to maximize their production processes. Due to our high production volume, we arrange for our plant internationally to produce high quality products at low prices. These low prices are passed along to our customers. Our efficiently run computerized warehouse keeps our costs down thereby passing on further savings to you.


Colorful Graphics

We can manufacture your plastic packaging using your original design, artwork and logo. If you need design help, our team of talented graphics designers are at your disposal. We can handle all of your graphic needs - from layout, to artwork or photography, to prepress and printing. 


How can you beat every advertised price?

We simply do, even if a competitor happens to be "giving" a particular product away. We will beat their price as long as it is a comparable product to ours. Our goal is for you to buy from us, so you will experience our excellent service.


With all of these customer friendly policies, how can you still be in business?

That is exactly why we are still in business. Over the years our customer service has improved and we try to give the customer what they want. By offering high quality products at low prices, our customers have become loyal to us and that is why we continue to grow.


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